Tour Dates 2-12 November 2018: Battlefields of Sicily and Central Italy

Join us now on November 2-12, 2018 to experience this carefully planned 11 day itinerary commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Italian Campaign. Begin in Catania  and tour the landing beaches at Pachino, where Canadians landed on July 10, 1943.  We head next to the mountaintop town of Enna in the interior, following the path of the 1st Canadian Division.  Hilltop towns like Enna and Assoro are wonderful regional food centers.  We will tour the important sites at Leonforte, Assoro and Agira before visiting the Canadian cemetery at Agira.  We sail by ferry through the Straits of Messina on our way to Naples and then travel to Ortona.  The bitter battle for Ortona is the focus of our visit and we examine such famous battlefield locations as the Moro River crossing, the Gully and Casa Berardi.  While in Ortona, enjoy the Abruzzo cuisine and the famous Montepulciano D'Abruzzo wine.  We will then travel to the Liri Valley and stay in Cassino, dominated by the impressive Montecassino Abbey. We will tour the Abbey as well as important sites for the Battle of the Hitler Line. We will spend remembrance Day at Cassino cemetery where over 1000 Canadians lie forever or are commemorated on the Cassino Memorial to the Missing.

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